What is this blog all about?

I belong to a whatsapp group of wonderful ladies in my community. I was sharing about one of the issues I’m passionate which is kids’ nutrition I’m always searching for new recipes and experimenting on my own and one of the ladies mentioned why don’t you start a blog. I had been thinking about starting one recently and doing reviews on some products and locations I’ve been taking my thirteen month old.

I also realized there is a lot of classism in Toronto. I don’t know why it shocked me when it happened to me but I had to find a space to discuss activities and happenings in scarborough not just the beach and leslieville where the upper class live.  I’m just a normal middle class person how would I know about what’s going on here. Two things happened that prompted me to consider the regular middle class moms in Toronto. I went to a pool in the birchcliff area. My son is very interactive and approached a group on seemingly upper class rich and snooty mums. I was sad for him as they completely ignored him and went on talking like he was invisible. I thought wow way to teach your little babies how to show basic respect for others. Luckily I met some regular mothers that made the pool trip a pleasent memory. I also picked up a paper called the Little paper. There are events and things to do with your kids around Toronto. Of course the only locations featured were the beach, downtown, leaside and etobicoke. Nothing about scarborough or north York. Discrimination or pandering to a certain demographic?

Well, this is what has prompted the start I hope you will enjoy my posts, reviews and recipes. I would like to do videos and photos but we’ll see.  I would also like guest bloggers so we can hear other voices of mums who have fresh perspectives. I’m excited and pivoting out!,

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