Frugal living- tips for grocery shopping in Toronto

Well, one of the things I enjoy doing is sharing how I save money. Living in a city like Toronto the cost of living is extremely high. Houses are now selling on average a million dollars. The cost of child are is approximately $50/na day. So keeping your grocery bill is essential. Here are a few things I do:

1) those flyers may be pesky but serve a great purpose in price matching. Take your flyer to groceries that will match the sales of other groceries. I go straight to walmart because their attitude towards prices matching is great ie they never give you hassle for it. I saved $10 prices matching the last time I was at walmart buying things for my little one’s birthday party. I did spend $130 so I was grateful I could save some money.

2) coupon- you can get p&g or red plum some are accesible online but I get them with my flyers. I use them for toothpaste, Vaseline lotion, pampers diapers and pads. Again I go to walmart for no hassle and cheapest prices.

3) buy things in bulk at Costco and on sale. So I realized the sales go in waves you just have to wait for them. The following things I buy in bulk at Costco: paper towel, toilet paper, laundry detergent, baby wipes (Kirkland brand is the best) and organic chicken $30/ 2 best price I’ve found anywhere.  Another thing about Costco we got the executive membership and it paid our membership and gave us money back so It was worth it for us because we do a lot of shopping there.

4) buying organic- walmart now has a great section for organic vegetables and fruits including apples, pears,  bananas, cauliflower, carrots, potatoes, broccoli, mushrooms and much more. I shop organic so I’m always looking for the best prices and they’ve got it so far. Costco also has organic but it’s not consistent. I do buy frozen  blueberries there.

5) use apps and websites. I use the following apps- flipp for flyers all in one location and it’s searchable, smart cannucks and reflag deals are also good for finding out what’s on sale. We also use our groceries an app for making grocery lists that can be shared now that my husband often goes without me to the grocery. I have different lists for costco walmart and no frills or fu Yao my local Chinese supermarket.

I’m sure others have tips they can link to but these are the ones I have feel free to leave a message. Keep pivoting!

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