Using flyers to plan meals 

Well, I’ve been thinking about how to maximize time with a 13 month old and saving money on groceries. One of the tricks I’ve learnt to do is use flyers to plan a weekly meal and only buy those items. Of course you can do two weeks. The problem I usually have is perishables so I prefer once a week shopping.  So what you can do is using flipp search for your meats such as chicken, ground beef or pork, search for vegies and then a grain. Usually you have your carbs such as potatoes, pasta or even quinoa that can be stored for longer. You can use all recipes and type in the ingredients such as pork tenderloin, sweet peppers and pasta and it will give you a recipe. So for example this week at no fills pork tenderloin is on sale. One of my favourite recipes is slowcooker pulled pork sandwiches. Also whole chicken is on sale so you can do a roasted chicken this week. I would like to post a few recipes each week. So look out for that. My next post I want to talk about second hand items for kids and babies how do to go about that search.

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