IKEA for kids items 

I was told it’s a great place to shop for kids and now I have experienced it first hand. I officially love ikea. I mostly shopped there while at university many of us recall our entire rooms decorated with the lamps, desks and funky bed spreads from IKEA. Here are some of the note worthy items I got :

1)high chair  the reason I went was to get a high chair. When I visited my brother in law in Ireland he had this amazing high hair that was a joy to use and I was shocked when I heard where it was from.  I determined to get one. A friend of mine had leant me hers an expensive primo pippa by prego that we hated it was hard to clean, clunky and took up too much space in our tiny kitchen. It was clearly designed for a rich persons large kitchen who has a maid to clean the hunk a junk. Anyways we purchased the three piece kit legs, table, seat for $20 which is great for taking apart for travel and replacing if any pieces break. I find it a joy to clean and clean around it is also sturdy, well built and designed with parents in mind.  The price is also amazing. 

2) toys- for those of us into Montessori type toys you can’t beat ikea prices. I got my boy the stacking rings which he enjoys for $5.99 there was also the beads on the wire toy for $10 and the baby gym. I also saw play food and trains on the wooden tracks but I had to restrain myself. 

3) cutlery- spoons, forks, plates really inexpensive 

4) furniture, storage, laundry baskets, decor, bedding, toy storage all things for your little ones rooms. 

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