Surviving selling your House with a Toddler

When my husband and I decided we wanted to move selling my house seemed like a nightmare. I had no idea how I would keep the house clean for viewings and where would he nap? Here were some things we did to survive and thrive

1) moved down to the basement with a few toys, clothes, basic needs and all groceries as much as could fit. We do have a fully liveable basement with kitchen and bathroom. We also brought to play yard down with toys. It was easier to keep clean as well. Also people tend to put less emphasis on the basement but will notice anything on the upper level. 

2) hire or seek help. I hired one of my friends who is a professional house cleaner to come and clean my house thoroughly and it was worth the $500 I had to spend.

3) declutter everything including toys and clothes just for the last two months or so it’s surprising how little you can live with 

4) clean up right away as soon as you dirty a dish wash it 

5) set up a plan for outings for the week try to stay away from the house less dirtying and mess plus it’s just easier  for people to see themselves In the house along with this don’t cook in the house eat out or do quick meals like pasta. You never know where you will be and need to stay longer or randomly schedule 

6) we went it the mall, library and play group as places to escape it works.

7) organize dinners with friends every night if you can that’s the most popular time to view 

8) do tasks chores and errands you’ve been meaning to complete 

9) do high energy outings to encourage sleep in the stroller 

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