Reviewing wipes on the cheap in Toronto

I recently had an opportunity to try out new wipes while I was staging my house in the business we did not buy wipes at Costco as usual. So in desperation I had to work with dollar store purchases. I will take one for the team and take my lemons and make lemon aid to do a review of my cheapie wipes. So  here is the break down 

Huggies Pure cost $2 at dollarama  64 wipes 5.5/10

Pros: price was great, cleaned everything well and cute baby on packaging, durable wipes even more than huggies sensitive 

Cons: smell is antiseptic even though claims it’s like cotton wool and water, weird opening packaging 

Overall: probably wouldn’t buy again but in a pinch better than what you can get for $2 at walmart. My son cried when I wiped him with it not sure what it was he just didn’t like it. 

Huggies Soft with Shea butter $2 at dollarama 64 wipes 7/10

Pros: price was great, cleaned well, smelled great 

Cons: if you’re going the clean and pure or have allergies or sensitivities may not be the best with Shea butter addition

Overall: I would buy again over the huggies pure. My son actually liked it. My husband and I could both tolerate the smell. Again much more cost effective than walmart. It does live up to its soft claims. 

Kirkland unscented wipes 9/10

Pros: relatively well priced it’s much larger amount of wipes for price, nice cover keeps everything neat and clean, strong durable wipes unlike huggies sensitive that tore easily, can be returned if you don’t like thanks to costco’s policy. They also go on sale occasionally for a reasonable $20/ box.

Cons: my sister actually hates the smell which is weird because it’s supposed to be unscented. I don’t mind it as it has a smell like pampers sensitive diapers. Let’s hope it returns to its former unscented state.

Huggies Sensitive 7.5/10

Pros: well priced on sale $20/ box but usually it’s $25/ box. It has a smell that is clean and fresh. At costco comes with a nice carrying bag and a box to place in which keeps it fresh and helps it from drying out. 

Cons: the price on the regular, it’s not as sturdy and tears easily, also very wet like it feels close to soaking 

Pampers Sensitive 7/10

Pros: well priced on Amazon family that’s where I bought it at $18/ box of 9 could’ve gotten even lower with family discount. Strong and durable compared to huggies 

Cons: packaging mine has already unstuck so drying out can occur, smell according to my husband is antiseptic I personally don’t mind that smell. Price if not on sale can be $25/ box or more. 

The winner would be kirklands wipes for price, durability and guarantee. Can only be purchased at Costco so a membership is needed. Stock up when it goes on sale! 

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