Hosting a housewarming in Toronto …classy but not pricey

I recently hosted a house warming and invited close to fourth people. The funny thing about housewarming are the fact that you’re usually house poor at the time you should invite people to view your newly acquired hole in your pocket. So how do you go about hosting a classy yet money savvy event here are some ideas: 

1) create a menu. plan a few weeks in advance and start stalking sales via flipp or flyers. Food is the major cost so a tip is plan around a theme ours was perfectly planned around thanksgiving  but why not Christmas, Easter, Canada day, may 24 etc… So with our thanksgiving theme it makes the menu easy to plan around and find sales on related dishes. So for example turkey is usually on sale pumpkin pies and cranberry sauce. 

2) make it a potluck. We sent an evite with a note that it was a potluck with thanksgiving theme. People brought pies and desserts even drinks to match our theme. You want to make the menu a bit cohesive choose a theme or just leave it open. It also made it less stressful for me as a mother of a young child I made a protein baked for a few hours with minimal effort, bought the carbs and ready mixed salad with drinks. Also ask a few close friends to make side dishes these help to make a base meal to which others can just add their dishes.

3) use your costco membership. Now so the time to benefit from bulk…you can buy drinks, cups, plates and plastic cutlery, snacks and much more. I found it saved us money and time.  Costco now sells this amazing ready made kale salad with pumpkin seeds and cranberries and the dressing. It’s about $10 which is a bit pricey but it tasted great and the convenience no one could beat. 

4) decor from nature. Use things from outside like pine cones, leaves, sticks. Get creative and with help from the dollars tore you can create expensive looking bouquets. A simple thing yet chic idea is just adding beautiful fall leaves and pinecones around dishes on the table with a nice plain white table cloth. 

With some extra planning having a house warming can be stress free and frugal…happy house warming!

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