Thrift shopping in Toronto…when you score big and just need to blog it and Black Friday haul 

I haven’t written a post in a while because I went back to work and things got very busy. This does not mean I have t been busy saving and living the thrifty life in Scarborough. I have been enjoying the Christmas season where since Black Friday I have been saving and going to sales. Currently I am stocking up on items for my Christmas dinner contribution  every year I use my presidents choice points to do a large shopping and this year I had the pleasure of using gift cards I received for doing a survey as well. 

I found this year’s Black Friday quite good I needed winter gear for my toddler and some jeans for myself and because I was shopping with him it was very researched ahead of time for specific items that I had priced ahead and only at two stores. When it comes to kids and shopping the planning becomes more detailed or you will end up with garbage and not save much. An interesting observation and this was at Old navy… The in store sales were significantly better than online for the items I bought…pyjamas $4.99 in store…$12.99 online. I was shocked at the cash register when I bought three pairs for my gaggle of nephews and nieces. However, the choice was limited as of course it was almost sold out and the line was pretty long. A tip is take a carrier or stroller I forgot mine and it made life quite difficult the trolleys were all occupied of course it’s packed with people. I also scored shoes new balance sneakers for $25 down from $50 and man they look so chic on my son. It’s just great to get a deal sometimes that actually looks great, fits perfectly and displays quality.  I literally ran across from the Old Navy in the plaza to Globo. I will be going back there maybe for Boxing Day. Another tip is go early in the morning on Black Friday as well as Boxing Day and I chose to go to a not so frequented location that wasn’t in a mall it was in a super centre type strip mall close to my house.

I decided to write the post because I had to share this experience I had while shopping with a friend and my mom this Saturday. We had a great trip to the Christmas Market Toronto and decided to go to the thrift store after.  It was more about them than me and my friend wanted house hold items and came with a list. We found a few things nothing special…my mom got me a fruit bowl lovely one too but we said ok nothing too out of the ordinary. I have been to this particular thrift store twice before I love it because I find the items tend to be brand new and brand names. I tend to do only brand names when I thrift as I want a high quality gently used item that won’t fall apart after two uses. It is also on a strip with other boutique type higher end thrift stores like KIND that I really enjoy. So about to leave we look across and I casually say they have brand name purses behind the counter. We start looking at a Betsy Johnson and then a Michael Korrs purse. There is a white tissues handle on a purse which we both knew meant brand new. It’s a brand new never used Loise Vuitton hand bag. It was real from all inspection and priced at $39.99. Of course it was too good to not buy and we couldn’t believe it.  I exclaimed maybe it’s worth $500 at least. We get home I take pictures for the blog of course and Google the purse it’s worth $1300. I think it’s the most excitement I’ve had since I began thrifting about 4 years ago. The moral of the story is being thrifty doesn’t necessarily mean looking thrifty. Always be prepared know your luxury items ie know the difference between fake and real..that was key we had to make a quick decision and know where to shop do the research find the neighbourhoods read the blogs. All thrift stores aren’t created equal. 

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