Buying kids clothes on the frugal in Toronto 

I was thinking of what to post about and after doing some boxing month shopping decided this would be s good topic. I myself like to shop at thrift stores. I actually now frequent value village and recently bought a relatively new Tommy Hilfiger dress for $15 for a wedding. I was excited because I look really good in the dress. It also leaves me with more money for accessories. But what about my son. Here are the top places I’ve found for kids clothing both new and slightly used or even very used.


Old navy- moderately good quality, will last, moderately priced, fashionable , would not buy used I don’t think it’s worth buying beyond one person, I love their socks and fleece and pyjamas 

The Gap- great quality, buy used, overly priced, I love hoodies and overalls.

Children’s place- too expensive, buy used, great quality, good on sale or clearance, I love  3 in one jackets, socks, lined jeans, tshirts  

Carters / Oshkosh- great on sale, good quality, stylish, I love their pyjamas 

Used – value village- great but look through and I only by name brands mentioned above including Mexx and Ralph Lauren, Salvation Army, not so much , once upon a child- never been but heard good things about too far from me, online consignment   stores like merrily had great experiences buying from them, Facebook groups- not my best option for variety and value of effort.

To conclude- kids clothing is expensive especially good quality. They wear it a few months and then you need new ones. I’ve survived mainly on hand me downs and shopping at thrift stores along with gifts and occasional splurge. As they get older and wear for longer invest in the high quality brands especially for items like jeans and shoes or even winter jackets. Use your savings to buy things like diapers and a good quality stroller.

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