Eco friendly and frugal…stewarding the planet can save you cash

No posts for a while for shame. I wanted to talk about baby bags. I recently went on a family trip and both plastic buckles on my skip hop messenger black bag broke. I was upset more so when I found out I couldn’t get any sort of compensation because it had been 2 years and no I didn’t  keep my receipt when he was a newborn. I actually had my sister buy me this bag at Marshalls she saw it and thought $40 for a skip hop brand was good and it was a steal. I have no complaints it is really a great bag in terms of space and pockets and look. I realized later on now that I research incredulously before purchasing baby products it wasn’t the best purchase. I ended up buying a $200 Jujube be ready backpack styled baby bag after much research and so happy I did. Now frugal shoppers you might be thinking so much for a baby bag but it has the quality of metal buckles, space galore, Teflon anti bacterial fabric, designed well with both mummy and baby in mind and it makes me feel good when I wear it because it’s stylish. I got the admiral pattern. Sometimes the adage cheap thing no good is correct. Spend the money  and time to save later.

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