Frugal and gluten free? Is it possible? 

Recently my son had been getting chronic ear infections and a friend of ours recommended reducing dairy from his diet. He was also wheezing at night and my mother said no more wheat it could be an allergy. We have a history of asthma and allergies in our family so it was worth a try. As of yesterday I can say it has been worth it as symptoms have been greatly reduced. Me being so frugal I didn’t know how to cope with this new dietary restriction. There were several avenues to keep expenses down as its expensive buying fake cheese or sweet potato crackers. 

1) try Walmart there is a gluten free section not a big one but it’s worth a try

2) Costco surprisingly has a few options for crackers and even sorbet Popsicles have been a hit. Quinoa is well prices here as well and almond and coconut milk options are plentiful.

3) healthy planet had well priced all purpose flour and a major surprise has been how easy it is to make your own muffins, waffles and cookies. One pack of flour is about $10 so pricey but worth it. 

4) ambrosia is a supermarket you can get things in bulk…intend on visiting it’s just far from me.

5) loblaws,metro and longos have some options 

6)your Chinese supermarket- mung noodles and rice noodles, cassava, dasheen and edoes are a good substitute for wheat products. Rice and quinoa are also good options for carbohydrates.

7) get creative in the kitchen I’ve tried tuna potato casserole using fake cheese it was great. I’ve tried the stir fries with mung or rice noodles and it’s been good as well as my West Indian meals of rice and chicken.. 

So sorbet for ice cream….substitutes for your baked goods…we are coping well. I have to admit I myself cheat and have real cheese occasionally and if he ask I do let him have a yogurt drink. 

The greater challenges going out to somewhere like Tim Hortons, the zoo, rainforest cafe. they have been helpful. With some creativity it can be done! 


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