Cloth diapers…a journey…winners and losers

I’ve been wanting to give some reviews on diapers I have used. In my frugal journey it’s one of those things I’m glad I invested in the beginning. It’s not cheap buying cloth but 2 years later using them now as training pants I’m glad I took the plunge 

We started off with fitters and covers by thirsties bought in the US on a family trip because he was so tiny at the beginning all in ones or even pockets couldn’t fit. I was glad I got fitteds because it turns out they are excellent inserts for pockets.

We then bought second hand ecobums a bit bulky but works really well 

Then I tried out just simply baby from another mum didn’t like fit really well, cute but leaked

Then we tried happy heinys great fit but leaked eventually. 

Then I hit the jackpot with a sale on a brand called Charlie Bananas. They are the best no leaking, looks great and really looks brand new after a year and a half of use. These are my top diapers and I highly recommend them. The only downsize is its by size small, medium and large which means more buying of course.

Later on I made the mistakes of buying China cheapies baby city etc run my friends….

So there we go still using my diapers without insert as training pants as we learn to potty train. We wash once a week with gain no smells. Looking forward to using these on my second baby.

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