Wedding planning frugal and classy in Toronto

I recently ventured into wedding planning. I was surprised at how expensive weddings are and also how frugal and creative one can get to create amazing weddings. I was asked to plan a small intimate frugal yet classy wedding and I undertook the challenge. Here’s what I used to coordinate a wedding within a reasonable budget.

1) Gather your resources-I know people and I have the gift of my church community or it couldn’t happen. I knew a florist/ decorator who worked with my budget. My mother made the cake topper. A mutual friend did the DJing with the venues sound system with his laptop. 

2)Sometimes it’s even better to hire a professional as they have access to wholesaler prices and can buy in bulk. Know your strengths and weaknesses where you can DIY and when to just say let’s call in the pros. 

3) Use fake flowers- I had this aversion to the faux until I saw my bride’s amazing bouquet. Even the bees thought they were real. This saved us hundreds of dollars and she gets to keep them forever. We also used faux for centre pieces and honestly it looked fabulous.

4)Michaels has clearance sales in the summer look out for them weekly. This saved me hundreds of dollars 60% off summer floral in July  and 50%off one items. They also have amazing return policy 60 days I believe which was great as I could buy lots and return as needed. I recommend doing that for projects as sometimes things go off sale the next week and you get screwed in the middle of a project..this happened to me thankfully I worked around it. 

5)Dollar store…use wisely. I found chalk boards stand signs for tabletops there for $2 each which was a major score as they are much more at Michaels. Also check into Walmart I found raffia to be cheaper there and even curly willow and candles.  

6)Thrift stores for things like candlebras and vases even table clothes…vintage is totally in! There are treasure troves of things waiting to be discovered. If you can plan ahead wait for 30% off sales at value village. 

7) Hire a wedding planner give them a budget and work with them to help you stay on budget. They will save you time money and stress. (I’m in no way biased)

8) Location location location- if you’re open minded try restaurants, universities, colleges, creative locals…try odd days of the week like Sunday’s or weekdays.  In Toronto aim for a year in advance…yes I said a year.

9) Prioritize- know what to skimp on and what to splurge on….does the cake really matter or is the dress the most important thing, do you care about your decor or can you go simple…then spend the most money on things that matter.

10) Consider a small wedding- they are intimate and beautiful follow up with tokens and a note for those you couldnt invite trust me they will understand.

These area few gems from my experience feel free to comment with yours.


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