Shopping at the dollar store…

What are some of the things I love to buy at the dollarstore

1) snacks- chocolate, gums, chips so many things so little time

2) toys can be great in the dollar store hot wheels, play dough, sand toys, bubbles, chalk

3) stationary- brand name pens, pencils, notebooks 

4) my favourite hair and skin products you can get unblock loreal cheaply I only buy brand names 

5) my latest things kids winter accessories I get my son 3 or 4 mitts  a year and a kneck warmer-if it gets lost not harm no fowl

6) socks! For kids 

7) house hold cleaner- toilet bowl cleaner, vinegar and bleach

8) cosmetics- lipsticks from burst bees and nail polish esse

9) decor- chalk board things and wooden things to paint, ribbon and beads, foam creatures, seasonal decor Christmas, fall, Valentine’s Day 


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