Tips for thrift shopping

I’ve been shopping frequently at the thrift stores close to my home and I really enjoy it but there are some mistakes you can avoid 

1) leave your kids at home- this isn’t possible for me so I try to bring entertainment or visit the toys section but be warned you will leave with a toy so put that in the budget.

2) I’ve found jeans and pants in general are weirdly sized so bring a pair of pants you fit into and measure up on them and go up a size or two. 

3)try on the clothing if you can with stores with policies that are constricting eg value village no refund exchange in 7 days and tags must be on and they’ve fallen off  few times for me.

4)examine clothing for stains, holes, bleaching nod tears, buttons missing and busted zips. This has happened to me multiple times so be careful. 

5)always wash clothing first before wearing!

6) sign up for emails so you know the sales days value village has seniors Wednesdays and occasional 30%off for thrift store day it was awesome 50% but there were so many people it was just too much and I went twice. On those days try your clothing on there may be long lines but it’s worth it.


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