Shopping at Walmart…organic and gluten free

It’s tough shopping gluten and dirt free but add organic produce to the mix and the dollars really add up. I wanted to give an idea of really good deals at Walmart that could be surprising. 


1) organic fruits and veggies…apples, pears, cauliflower, sweet pepper, grapes, potatoes I’ve found their prices to be very competitive in the organics. You can get more but these are the ones I buy. 

2) this is a recent one but great value now has gluten free pasta boxes for $1.99 I know I tried it and it tastes great too.

3) rice crackers and now Breton has $1.88 gluten free crackers in three flavours I really like herb and olive oil yummy!

4) gluten free bread, fake cheese and cashew and almond milk, gluten free flour although they don’t sell the 1 to 1 I have to go to health food store such as ambrosia for that hint hint Walmart please get this.


1)Did you know Walmart has a garantee on clothing lasting before your child grows it out?

2)Nursing bras- great quality ones wonder bra and warners  $22  can’t go wrong there. They also have bra extenders in the sewing section. 

3) tshirts on clearance for $3 and the quality is not bad at all 

4) name tags for clothing. Mabel labels has the write yourself for $6.97 and they are really great I’ve labeled all my son’s uniforms. 


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