Maternity clothing: the good bad and the ugly 

I’ve been away for a little while ok a long while. I’ve been growing my little peanut and first trimester was all about survival. Im now in the second trimester or as I call it the sweet spot of pregnancy so here’s a post about maternity clothing.

So you’re expecting and immediately the dollar signs start invading your eye balls like the cartoons. But you can be frugal even while expecting the little peanut…don’t try to squeeze your growing body into your old clothing get a few pieces at a reasonable 
Maternity clothing the good, bad and the ugly 

I personally hate maternity clothes shopping but here are a few options and what I think about them 

Thyme maternity- I’ve always found them a little pricey until I went to their nursing event recently. The quality was really great and the bras were really worth it especially the full coverage which were so comfortable. Look out for the sales they happen every few months at 25% off all nursing. Also the clearance racks were great at 60% off and I have to admit the clothing stylish.
Motherhood – I did most of my shopping here last time and I don’t find the clothing stylish or the quality that great. Their bands for holding up pants did not last. I wouldn’t head back there.
Old Navy I do have some pieces I like the prices are on the cheaper end I do not like their jeans as they slide off but it’s probably just my body and size. I’ve weaned off old navy just cheap and not too great quality. 

H&M reasonably priced and excellent quality. Their jeans are amazing and their tshirts are so cool I love their clothing I highly recommend for casual every day comfortable clothes.

Other options are target and Walmart…I do like target Walmart not so much but they are inexpensive. I have two nursing tanks I don’t particularly like but they cost about $10 for one.
Thrift stores and consignment stores are great places to look for gently used maternity clothing . I found a beautiful dress there recently it was a thyme dress for about $15 probably used once but it’s the luck of the draw as they say. 
Online local buy or sell mommy groups like one Facebook or even kijiji is another good option as mums often sell in lots you might be able to get a whole wardrobe for $50 


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