Nesting frugally 

Wow two posts in one day I must be really nesting. I really wanted to do a post for expecting parents and my journey thus far about getting my baby gear on a budget. I have had really good experiences so far. Getting the little things I need for my second child. My two child’s are different genders and the truth is I borrowed a lot of gear from my sister the last time round. This time I was determined and armed with more knowledge of resources to get my gear at a reasonable price but high quality. 

What I’ve bought so far:

1) nursing pillow I got a mom I for $15 off a mummy group in Toronto what I liked about it was a removable cover which was easy to clean and I spot cleaned with vinegar and hung out in the sun to kill bacteria. Yes you can do this during winter as well.

2)taggies playmat for $20 bought at a closing consignment store washed by hand I paid a little more than I would’ve liked but the quality of the product I figured was worth it and the convenience of just going to the store and not arranging schedules with a person I went for it. Also as a bonus bought some gently used sleepers for a couple bucks. 

3)bouncy chair fisher price $5 this one was a steal of a deal but was stored in a garage and required soaking and hand washing which was fine it was bought on Facebook on a mummy group. 

4)clothing here’s where I’ve been not so frugal but kind of frugal st the same time. I have to admit I love buying my little princess pink clothing and cute dresses. Value village I got s few onesies and tights but I have to admit I was a bit disappointed and how expensive some clothing was so I didn’t buy much. As I said earlier a closing consignment store. I haven’t got there yet but I’m buying a lot of clothing meaning about 5-10 pieces off a mom and meting her next week. I bought some dresses at the gap factory store sale. I have a weakness for gap kids clothing and definitely bought way too much so I may return one dress. 

5) stroller accessories off kijiji I have a stroller that can be converted to a double and it turns out the company made a new version of course incompatible with the old so now those old accessories are becoming rare and expensive so I had to go the west end to get a simple adaptor that was half price from the new one. This was probably the best one so far as the guy threw in some extra things for free and I was going to a birthday party the same weekend so it wasn’t a hike to his place. 

My tips about buying used baby gear online or otherwise

1) research first don’t be impulsive or you will send up with trash

2) negotiate but use wisdom if there are 10 people interested and it’s a rare commodity it may lead to the seller saying I’ll pass to next person. 

3) examine carefully for tears etc buyer beware and chances are there’s a no return policy 

4) be patient look around look at prices as they trend and try not to obsess but become familiar with facebook’s search fields 

5) know when to buy new for hygiene and just something you want to last and may be over used already eg strollers or even baby carriers.i have a works horse ergo and the way I use it I would never buy used. However I did buy a MacLaren umbrella stroller as it was in great condition and price but the quality is so good it was an impeccable push. I bought that one at a warehouse parents sale which  I also really like and recommend for clothing, toys and other gear. The only down side is they are only twice a year in my area.

6) ask around your mummy friends may be getting rid of things and you can trust  know and get and give a good price.


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