Free free free or nearly free services for childbirth and maternity

So, I’ve talked about buying things for the baby and even moms but what about services. Here re some of my frugal findings as I get closer to my delivery date. I am having a natural home birth with a midwife similar to my first birth with my son. 

1) birth pool- I bought one from a mom who ended up having a c-section it was about half the price and it was brand new in the box and it was about the same price as renting and I will be keeping the pool to enjoy with my family for the summer. I just have to purchase a pool liner and on Amazon I got the  hose and pipe adapter. I will buy the other equipment at Walmart like the fish sieve and floating thermometer. They no longer sell these at dollarama. My midwife has packs for free with peri bottles etc. 

2) doula- I didn’t have with my first but asked my midwife about having one. I need someone to help guide us with massage and keep warm water going in my pool so my husband can focus on me the whole times. She then told me she has a former client that is a doula looking for clients for free to get experience. A doula costs a minimum $1000 here in the city. This was a major score and I feel grateful for the connection sometimes ask and you will receive. 

3) maternity pictures- I highly recommend using local Facebook groups for connections and sometimes free or cheap items or services. I happened upon a photographer looking for moms for maternity pictures as she was expanding here portfolio. I had met with several photographers at the baby show(another event I strongly recommend) and it was costing me $1000 for a maternity and newborn shoot. I am so excited about these photos. I’m hoping that she can also do our newborn pictures and as my wedding planning continues I would like to build relationships with photographers I can trust to do my clients’ wedding photos.  Nothing can beat free!

4)the baby show- I entered a contest hosted by dear born baby for a vip baby shower. I won! I got free entry to the show $15 value with food and drinks and expert tips about purchasing things for baby. Along with 50 ladies now I didn’t win the grand prize but the give aways were amazing bottles, bibs, hats, diaper clutch, pacifiers…samples for all kinds of things probably giveaways for $100 plus the actual show had all kinds of samples. It was great because my toddler got a book and food pouches and little food samples. I also connected with a lactation consultant and a Hypnobirthing professional to get a free MP3. I had a session with a chiropractor to help with back pain. I’m considering going to the baby time show if I win free tickets of course.

5)upgrade to first class- this isn’t really baby related but kind of related. We went to Utah recently with my husband  for work it’ll probably be our last family/ work vacation for a while so we did it I don’t necessarily recommend doing this at 8 months pregnant I was totally alone with my toddler and doing all the driving but my son was so excited about the farms, animals and tractors of course. I was exhausted and only grace to fuel me. On our way back with air ands the agent saw bug belly me and toddler and of course pleasant husband and upgraded us to bulkhead first class as the flight was empty. We were grateful It was the best sleep and we all fell asleep and then even when he woke up he watched some tv for a n hour and we were in Toronto. Sometimes it just helps to be pleasant and ask about how full the flight is…the leg room and comfort was worth it if anything.


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