Ergo carrier review….carrying baby on the frugal and savings code 10%

I haven’t been paid for this review but there are affiliate links in this post…

When I had my first child T I placed the ergo carrier on my list of things I needed on my registry and my sister in law got it for me. I was excited because my sister had used her ergo and I knew its value. It’s not a cheap piece of equipment but it’s value reaches beyond the dollar amount. Carrying your child has been something mothers have done in generations across cultures because what do you do with your baby and you need to cook and go into the fields. I realized at. 4months my little babe did not want to be put down and I had to function. My current baby is 20lbs so my arms are killing me so I thank God  ergo. I had a bjorn and I decided get me the infant insert the bjorn just couldn’t cut it. The design of the ergo is like a backpack that is its main secret my back thanked me for using the ergo. It can be used up to 40lbs so even my three year old can be put in it and on my back. When she’s older hip or back carry is even better for things like cooking and cleaning. My ergo was a lifesaver for travel especially in Europe when dealing with the London transit system ie no elevators and cobble stones. The great thing about the ergo is its quality my sister has used hers through 3 children I think she needs a new one now. I hope to use mine through all my kids and now with my infant insert will be using it from birth. Get this for your friend or new mom you won’t regret it. How is it this being frugal? You won’t need to buy another carrier this one will take you for years and all your kids. 

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