Post partum outfits on the frugal…what to wear post partum?

Everyone envisions the hospital room and the baby is out and magically you go back to your prepregnancy size. Of course that doesn’t happen. It takes the average woman about 9 months to actually return to pre pregnancy size. So, what do you wear? You’re in this awkward in between maternity and normal. You also have to account for larger full breasts of milk and nursing. Here are a few pieces you can find in your own wardrobe or pick upat your favourite thrift store to make the transition less painful. 

1) fold over maxi skirts great as they stretch and hide bumps 

2) jeans a few sizes larger or wearing your jeans with a Bella band or pants with a stretchy waist 

3) Nursing tank with a button down shirt. I realized it looks good gives you a waist and you can do one button up it looks great. 

4) tshirts inside of a large chunky cardigan cinched at the waist with a belt. Those bumps are unforgiving so hiding with a  cardigan that is large but give yourself a waist. This can be worn with a nice pair of tights and knee high boots and you look great. 

5) tunics with tights and boots 

6) wrap dresses so slimming and forgiving 

7) peasant shirts with a tank under very good for hiding rolls and easy for nursing 

8)maxi dresses and dresses in general so pretty for summer 

9) ponchos and knitted vests 

10) exercise wear- this is trendy and perfect for keeping everything in examples are lulu lemon type pants or yoga pants plus you look like you are doing to work out 

11) Blazers- it’s ok if you can’t button up wear also wear with a nursing tank 

I think the key is to try. I walked into a mummy group and I wore a necklace and lipstick and people remarked that I looked so dressed up and I was doing well with two kids. I said I had to make the effort and try. It took a little effort and two items. Our job is to make motherhood look good because it honestly is the best job in the world.


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